Viktoras Miniotas




Viktor Miniotas, a composer, is a prize winner of international and national competitions, a member of Composer’s Union of Lithuania and Russia, a member of the jury for international choir and composing competitions, a founder of a new music genre “live action film”, author of more than 100 art pieces of different genres, such as symphonies, operas, instrumental, chamber, and electronic music, church and choir music, soundtrack music for cartoons, etc.

Viktor was born in 1963 in Khabarovsk, into the family of a Lithuanian architect. At the age of two, the boy along with his family moved to Lithuania, where his family was earlier exiled from. However, after the divorce of his parents, Viktor goes back to Siberia with his mother to Krasnoyarsk, where he had started his first music classes.
Viktor’s composing talent has come through at the earliest stages of his study – in his third
year, he won a local composer competition, and received a record with Beethoven’s “Heroic” symphony No3.

“I started music school quite late, at the age of 10, and mostly because my aunt was the principal there. However, somewhere around first years of my studies, composing became quite interesting to me, I liked to fiddle with melodies – a bit of harmony here and there, and I thought I could make something decent. 

When I studied in 3rd grade, the school organized a competition called “Composers among us”, and I had a notebook full of compositions, so that was enough for me to get a first place. The prize was a record, where Furtwängler conducted Beethoven’s Symphony No3, whose subheading is “Heroic Symphony”. We had an old radiogram at home, and I
started listening to my prize. The music surprised me at first, I expected something similar to music for films about heroes. Beethoven was not like this at all, however, I then got used to his style since this record was my only one for a long time, and I had nothing else to listen to.

Only when I started my music college in a few years, my friend and I became regular customers of music shops, where we purchased tons of sheet music and records – so many that I couldn’t always listen to my records or play the music I bought.
At the time when I fell in love with a Beethoven from my radiogram, I had no other chance of listening to music. There were no orchestras, no theaters, but for operetta, in my town, and TV and radio played music quite seldom, and it wasn’t easy for a child to get some screen time with TV. However, by the time I entered my college, the situation had drastically changed – Krasnoyarsk region was declared “a land of high culture”, and the culture land instantly got a new opera theater, and a symphony orchestra, and also a college of arts. Which came in handy for me then.”

At an early age, Viktor has proved to be not only artistic, but also great at organizational
questions. When he was admitted into a branch of Saint-Petersburg Conservatory in
Petrozavodsk, Viktor created a club for young musicians in 1987, and as a founder, took part in a convention for young composers in Kyiv. When he later came back to Krasnoyarsk in 1990 after graduating, he became a founder of Young Composers Association, which was involved in organizing concerts, and they received an award of Krasnoyarsk region for this activity. He was a tutor, worked as a tutor at the Institute of Arts.
In 1996, Viktor and his wife along with two kids went back to his father’s homeland
through a program for repressed Lithuanians, and he lives and works there to this day.
In 2004, Viktor was ordained into a deacon of the Holy Spirit Monastery, which left a huge
impact on his further art. In 2005, Viktor Miniotas has become a founder of musical part for orthodox liturgy in Lithuanian, was a director of various church choirs and ensembles. In 2008, he created a male vocal ensemble called “Skitos”, that concentrated on Lithuania, and was participating in different festivals up until 2014, and he also wrote music for this ensemble himself. In 2013, Viktor was one of the organizers of the 3rd Church Choir of Lithuanian Diocese Festival, and in 2018, he performed with a presentation in Paris on the topic of “Modern Lithuanian Choir Singing”.
Another important stage in composer’s art is theater music and soundtrack music for
cartoons. After 2009, he wrote music to the following cartoons: “Stop Kiss”, “Tule”, “Polyglot Bunny”. “Tule” was one of the best animated cartoons in Lithuania in 2010, and “Stop Kiss” was nominated for the best music award in an international competition in China, and participated in a film festival in Oberhausen in Germany.

From 2016 to 2018, he was a composer and a director of the “Tamburinas” music theater,
which organized several musical spectacles in Russian and Lithuanian, and toured around
Lithuania. Thanks to working with the theater’s team, the composer has created a number of operas and musicals.
Since 2021, he has started creating separate musical plays to accompany his daughter
Zhanna’s paintings, using tools for electronic music.


• Krasnoyarsk Region Award, 1994.
• Russian President Scholarship, 1995.
• Lithuanian Ministry of Culture Scholarship, 1998.
• Prize winner of the 3rd International S.S. Prokofyev Competition in Saint-Petersburg,
• Prize winner of Lithuanian Music Fund Competition, 1999.
• Prize winner of “Young Classic” Competition in Vologda, 2010.
• Prize winner of the Ist International competition of Christian music composers, Moscou 2021